Lemon Olive Oil, 500 mL

Our robust extra virgin olive oil is blended with the oil from fresh Meyer lemon zest to create this versatile and brightly flavored oil. Enjoy this olive oil over roasted vegetables, as a finish for seafood, or used as a salad dressing.
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Blending the oil from the zest of real Meyer lemons with our Tuscan style extra virgin olive oil creates our delicious Lemon Olive Oil. Made from our own organically and sustainably farmed Mission and Pendolino olives which are handpicked and milled within a few hours of picking, our extra virgin olive oil has a robust flavor that pairs perfectly with the subtle brightness of fresh lemons. This highly versatile and extremely popular oil is smooth and finishes with a pleasant heat. It is delicious when drizzled over grilled asparagus and roast vegetables, it creates a perfect finish for seafood pasta, and it is ideal as a rub for roast chicken. Taste our Lemon oil for yourself and discover the superior freshness and rich flavors that are the essence of Pasolivo – delicious olive oil that reflects the natural beauty of Paso Robles and the passion of people who are dedicated to hand crafting oil that is truly world class.
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