Apples & Greens Salad

Cooking Label
Prep Time
5-10 minutes
Cook Time
Serves 4
3 Tbsp Pasolivo California Blend Olive Oil
1/4 tsp. grated lemon zest
1 Tbsp lemon juice
2 Tbsp cider vinegar or Pasolivo Winter Ambrosia Vinegar
2 tsp. minced shallots
1 tsp. Orange Blossom Honey
Salt and pepper
1 apple, cored and sliced into wedges (It’s important to use a really tasty apple here. If you have a produce stand or farmer’s market, it’s worth the trip.)
8 handfuls of salad mix (preferably baby greens)
1/3 cup blue or feta cheese
1. In a salad bowl, whisk together Pasolivo California Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil, lemon zest and juice, vinegar, shallots and honey.

2. Add salt and pepper to taste before adding the apples and dressing. Toss in the greens and sprinkle with cheese.
This Apples & Greens Salad is worth the trip to the local farmer's market! Crisp apples, fresh greens and California Blend Olive Oil makes this salad perfect for a weekday lunch, weekend picnic, or healthy side dish.
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