200 mL Tuscan

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Our award-winning signature extra virgin olive oil is created from sustainably and organically grown olives that are handpicked from our orchards and crushed within hours at our on-site press. This blend starts with a grassy freshness that gives way to a bold peppery finish. Our Pasolivo signature blend oil has earned gold medals at the nation’s top two competitions in New York and Los Angeles, and it is a customer favorite. Pair this robust oil with a hearty rustic bread and one of our gourmet sea salt blends, drizzle it over steak, use it for roasting potatoes with herbs, or combine it with our Balsamic Vinegar for a simple, but fabulous salad dressing.

Taste our award-winning oils for yourself and discover the superior freshness and rich flavors that are the essence of Pasolivo – delicious olive oil that reflects the natural beauty of Paso Robles and the passion of people who are dedicated to hand crafting oil that is truly world class.

This includes a 200ml Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil delivered in a beautiful gift box.

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