Grapefruit Bath and Body Gift Set

This includes our Grapefruit Body Butter, Hand Lotion, and Hand Soap that is made with extra virgin olive oil. This set contains essential oils that are uplifting and mildly stimulating. ​ Our Pasolivo soaps do not contain: Pesticides, fungicides, parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, butylene glycol, dyes, herbicides and toxic solvents
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Why use all natural, Pasolivo bath and body care? Your skin is your largest organ! It covers almost 20 square feet of the human body. It matters what you put on it. Skin is a major way our body gets rid of toxins and aids in the prevention of chemical and waste build-up within our bodies. Clogging our pores with unhealthy body products will interfere with the miraculous way our skin is effective in the detoxification process. The oil glands in our skin secrete oil that contains anti-bacterial properties that help fend off disease. Harsh chemicals, soaps and skin care products that deplete our bodies’ natural protective oils demolish this natural defense strategy. What we put on our skin is just as important as what we put in our body; both affect the well being of our whole selves. Your skin absorbs a large percentage of what you put on it. It is a direct passageway to our bloodstream. Invest in your skin and boost your overall physical health.
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