How Our Olive Oil is Made

Handpicked at their prime, pressed within hours

Award-Winning Blends

At Pasolivo, our passion for creating the world’s best olive extra virgin olive oil runs deep. For years, our dedicated team has farmed the golden, sun-drenched hills of Paso Robles and nurtured our orchard of over 7,000 trees. Our olives are sustainably farmed, handpicked at their prime, and pressed within hours at our on-site olive mill to maintain the peak freshness and the flavor our customers have come to love. To create these award-winning blends are our master blender uses twelve different varietals of olives to produce a flavor like no other.


Pasolivo is a Tree-to-Table Producer. Our olives are grown, picked, milled, and bottled onsite to capture the full range of health benefits and our renowned flavor.


Handpicked Olives

Our olives are gently hand-picked at their prime. We never use machinery that could damage the olives. After they are harvested, the olives are milled using cold mechanical extraction (without the use of solvents or refining methods). This is the only way to get a true, California certified extra-virgin olive oil.


Cold Mechanical Extraction

Like a fine wine, each of our extra virgin oils is developed yearly based on the flavor profiles of the harvested olives from our twelve varietals by our master-blender and Olive Oil Sommelier (I.C.E., Level Two), Marisa Bloch.


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