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Pasolivo Recipes

Pasolivo offers a wide variety of recipes for your cooking pleasure. Included in our selection are recipes from a Le Cordon Blue Paris honors graduate, local chefs, club members, and staff. We strive to keep our recipes healthy, yet delicious, and attempt to incorporate as many Pasolivo products possible.

The majority of our recipes contain extra virgin olive oil which is a reflection of one of the world’s healthiest diets - the Mediterranean diet. This diet consists highly of plant-based foods, replacing butter with olive oils, and incorporating herbs and spices. Our recipes are created using healthy alternatives and healthy fats. In addition to being a part of a healthy diet, authentic extra virgin olive oil includes a broad range of health benefits: Decreasing the risk of heart disease and stroke, controlling cholesterol levels, reducing risk of Type 2 Diabetes, may help prevent stroke and depression, fights Osteoporosis, and keeps the heart young. Most health benefits are due to the polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil. A high polyphenol count is anything over 150. All of Pasolivo’s polyphenol counts are over 200!

All of our Pasolivo olive oils are great for cooking and baking. Since our oils are certified extra virgin, they have a minimum smoke point of 420 degrees. You can use our oils in stir frying, roasting, marinating, baking, and more. The benefits of extra virgin olive oil are endless! Here at Pasolivo, we strive for creating award-winning, healthy, and delicious olive oils. Try our olive oils and discover a superior taste and health benefits of our premium and authentic products.

Care to share any of your recipes with us? Feel free to email them to or share them on social media using #mypasolivo. Photography is encouraged.

We invite you to enjoy healthy eating with us!


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