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How Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Made

Here at Pasolivo, harvest is one of the most exciting times of the year! If you are curious about the olive oil process, you can stop by the Pasolivo Ranch and get a behind-the-scenes look of how we create our olive oil, take a tour of the mill, and see how quickly the olives turn into olive oil. Our olives are picked at their prime and pressed within a few hours at our on-site mill, capturing all of the naturally-occurring health benefits of the olives.

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From Tree to Table: we grow, harvest, mill, and bottle all of our olive oil on site to give you the freshest flavor possible.


Our olives are always hand-picked at harvest. While picking machinery would be faster it could damage the olive and that is something we would not stand for.


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At Pasolivo, our business is creating award-winning olive oils, but our passion is in hand-crafting the healthiest, most delicious olive oils possible. One taste of our oils and you will experience for yourself the hallmark grassiness and pungency of beneficial polyphenols that are present in a true premium olive oil. Try our oils and discover the superior taste and incredible health benefits of our premium and authentic extra virgin olive oils. The experience is great for the entire family! If you have a party with less than ten people, you do not need to make a reservation during harvest time. We still recommend calling ahead to make sure we are harvesting on the day of your visit.  Just let our staff know that you would like to take a tour and you are here for the harvest. If you have more than ten people in your group, please call us at 805-227- 0186.

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