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Rosemary White Bean Dip Recipe | Pasolivo

Lentil Soup

This healthy, flavorful soup is full of healthy vegetables, polyphenols, and protein from the lentils. Enjoy with a loaf of crusty bread.

1 Hour 15 Minutes

12 Cups

Baked Avocados

Baked Avocados

What better way to use up avocados then to bake them with real extra virgin olive oil and delicious Italian Nut Crumbs? We'll let you be the judge. Eat by themselves, in sandwiches, salads, and more!

Strawberry Olive Oil Cake

Strawberry Olive Oil Cake

This dense, moist cake features the classic combination of strawberries, Pasolivo Olive Oil, and Pasolivo Tuscan Balsamic Vinegar.

70 Minutes

Olive Oil Roasted Radishes

Olive Oil Roasted Radishes

Radishes no longer have to be just a salad topping! Roasting radishes with Pasolivo Olive Oil gives them beautiful tenderness and flavor. Not to mention, they're healthy as well!

25 Minutes

Rustic Olive Oil Crackers

Rustic Olive Oil Crackers

There are endless variations to these crackers. Mix up the flours or try them with a different Pasolivo Olive Oil!

20 Minutes

6-8 Servings

BBQ Beans

BBQ Beans

Perfect for your celebrations, picnics, and barbecues this summer. Features the delicious balance of smokey and sweet in the Pasolivo Smokey Chipotle BBQ Sauce.

30 Minutes


Rosemary Popcorn

This Pasolivo Rosemary Popcorn is a great go-to snack for movie night, when you are looking for something healthy to eat, or if you are looking for a savory treat.

5-10 minutes

8-10 cups

Tomato and Asparagus Pasta

Tomato and Asparagus Pasta

Warm up your weeknights with this Tomato and Asparagus Pasta.

25 Minutes

4-6 Servings

Avocado & Mango Salad on Arugula with Grilled Shrimp

Avocado, Mango & Arugula Salad with Grilled Shrimp Recipe

Looking for a healthy side dish or appetizer for the warm, summer nights? Try the Avocado, Mango & Arugula Salad with Grilled Shrimp Recipe! It contains several Pasolivo products as well as other healthy ingredients so you know you are taking in the right types of food.

55 Minutes

2-3 Servings

Apples & Greens Salad with Prep

Apples & Greens Salad

This Apples & Greens Salad is worth the trip to the farmer's market! Crisp apples, fresh greens and California Blend Olive Oil makes this salad perfect for a weekday lunch or weekend picnic.

5-10 minutes

Serves 4

Squash Winter Salad Recipe

Squash Winter Salad

This hearty salad is your perfect winter recipe! Featured as our recipe of the month for January, this will appeal to everyone!

45 Minutes

4-6 Servings

Pasolivo California Blend Olive Oil Marinade Recipe | Pasolivo

Pasolivo California Olive Oil Marinade

This olive oil marinade will be the perfect addition to any meat you would like to prepare!

25 Minutes

1-1/4 cups

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