Maple Bacon Dates

Cooking Label
Prep Time
10-15 Minutes
Cook Time
12 Dates
• 6 slices bacon, cut in half (the short way)
• 12 large dates, pitted
• 2 Tbsp Pasolivo Hot Pepper Berry Bacon Jam
• 2 Tbsp softened goat cheese
• 1 Tbsp Pasolivo Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a small bowl, mix the Pasolivo Hot Pepper Berry Bacon Jam and goat cheese. Place about 1 tsp filling in each date. Wrap each date with bacon and hold with a toothpick so that the toothpick holds the bacon with filling up. Brush with maple syrup. Place on broiling pan and bake for 18 minutes. Then lay on its side for 3 minutes, flip to the other side for 3 minutes and cook until bacon is crisp. Serve warm.

Bacon, dates, maple syrup, goat cheese.. all the best things in life in one bite.

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