Olive Oil Recipes

A great recipe not only starts with great taste, but also healthy ingredients. At Pasolivo, we offer a listing of healthy olive oil recipes that include our California olive oil. Our chef friends, customers and the Pasolivo team are the ultimate foodies, and we continuously think about new olive oil recipes for you to enjoy. The appetizers, entrées, sides and desserts are specifically developed for the use of Pasolivo products. Looking for a healthier alternative? By replacing butter with olive oil you can cut back on the cholesterol and saturated fat content in any meal. This Mediterranean cooking style can be traced back decades. We offer healthy olive oil recipes for any occasion or meal. While you are at it don't forget to check out our salts, spices, and vinegar's; which also go great with our olive oil recipes. On these pages, we have posted our best healthy olive oil recipes. Though we all might enjoy a gourmet feast, it’s in everyday cooking that we think Pasolivo really shines. Try these quick tips for adding some punch to your next meal at home. Most suggestions would work with any of the Pasolivo olive oils, but here we’ve recommended specific oils if we think there’s a really strong match. Bon appétit!

  • Pasolivo Extra Virgin Olive Oil on store-bought hummus; sprinkle with dried or fresh herbs & serve.
  • Drizzle Pasolivo Extra Virgin Olive Oil over a bowl of soup (tomato, white bean or chicken are great examples).
  • Mix California Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil with pesto, white wine vinegar, and salt & pepper for a tasty pesto vinaigrette.
  • Warm up Lemon Olive Oil as a dip for artichokes.
  • Drizzle Lime Olive Oil over enchiladas.
  • Mix Citrus Olive Oil with a dollop of honey and serve on an English muffins.
  • Use Tangerine Olive Oil for brownies; substitute for vegetable oil in a boxed mix.

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