Wild Rice and Chicken Soup

Cooking Label
Prep Time
20 Minutes
14 Cups
• 1/2 cup Pasolivo Classic Olive Oil
• 2 cups onion, chopped small
• 1 cup carrot, chopped small
• 1 cup celery, chopped small
• 1 cup red, yellow, or orange peppers, chopped small
• 2 Tbsp Pasolivo Herbes de Provence
• 1 1/2 tsp Pasolivo Kosher Flake Sea Salt
• Several grinds of freshly ground black pepper
• 1/3 cup flour
• 8 cups chicken broth
• 1/3 cup white wine
• 1 cup uncooked wild rice, rinsed
• 4 cups cooked and chopped chicken or turkey
• 1 cup heavy cream
In a 6-8 quart saucepan or stockpot, warm Pasolivo Classic Olive Oil. Add in all ingredients up through ground black pepper. Cook over medium heat 8-10 minutes, until onions are translucent. Turn heat to low. Stir flour into the vegetables and stir constantly for 1 minute, making sure the flour doesn't stick to the pan. Immediately add wine and broth and stir, making sure no flour is stuck to the bottom of the pan. Add wild rice and turn heat up to bring to boil. Reduce heat to bring soup to simmer and cook for 40 minutes, or until rice is fully cooked. Add cooked chicken, and continue to cook 5-10 minutes, until the chicken is warm. Stir in heavy cream, then add Pasolivo Kosher Flake Sea Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. Serve in bowls with a drizzle of Pasolivo Classic Olive Oil

Nothing more comforting than a hot bowl of Wild Rice and Chicken Soup.  Its creamy broth and flavorful vegetables make a hearty meal and great leftovers.

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