Award-Winning California Olive Oil

At Pasolivo, we are passionate about providing our customers with the best-tasting, freshest, and highest quality California olive oil possible. For years, our dedicated team has farmed the golden, sun-drenched hills of Paso Robles where we welcome visitors to our scenic ranch and tasting room. Our sustainably farmed California olives are handpicked precisely at their prime and are pressed within hours at our on-site olive mill. Our award-winning extra virgin blends are handcrafted from the finest varietals in the world and capture both the bold flavors and exceptional health benefits of the naturally occurring polyphenols found in healthy olives. Similarly, our unique flavored blends start with premium California olive oil and are made with only the finest natural ingredients. These delicious olive oils are blended with real herbs and fruit, and contain no artificial flavorings or preservatives. Olive oil from California is becoming more popular everyday. At Pasolivo, we recognize that and hold our standards of olives to the highest level. We know that once you taste our California Olive Oil that you will never go back to another olive oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Collection

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Collection

Taste our award-winning oils for yourself and discover the superior freshness and rich flavors that are the essence of Pasolivo – delicious olive oil that reflects the natural beauty of Paso Robles and the passion of people who are dedicated to hand crafting oil that is truly world class.

pour spout

Simple Pour Spout

The new glass bottles are easy to open and easy to pour using this Simple Pour Spout. This Spout is high quality and self sealing.

california trio

California Trio

The California Trio combines olive oil, vinegar, and seasoning to help enhance your meals. Mix equal parts of the olive oil and vinegar to create a phenomenal salad dressing or marinade. Top with the Lemon Pepper Blend to enhance your meal with this citrus and salt-free seasoning.

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