Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500 mL

Formally Pasolivo Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the wonderfully complex flavors of our award-winning EVOO blend starts with a grassy freshness that gives way to a peppery finish that is a hallmark of the healthy polyphenols found in premium olive oils. Extra Virgin signifies the highest quality olive oil based on internationally recognized standards. Oil must be mechanically extracted without chemical or excessive heat. An exceptional dipping oil, it is also wonderful drizzled over steak and roast potatoes.

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Our award-winning signature extra virgin olive oil is created from sustainably and organically grown olives that are handpicked from our orchards and crushed within hours at our on-site press. This blend starts with a grassy freshness that gives way to a bold peppery finish. Our Pasolivo signature blend oil has earned gold medals at the nation’s top two competitions in New York and Los Angeles, and it is a customer favorite. Pair this robust oil with a hearty rustic bread and one of our gourmet sea salt blends, drizzle it over steak, use it for roasting potatoes with herbs, or combine it with our Balsamic Vinegar for a simple, but fabulous salad dressing. Taste our award-winning oils for yourself and discover the superior freshness and rich flavors that are the essence of Pasolivo – delicious olive oil that reflects the natural beauty of Paso Robles and the passion of people who are dedicated to hand crafting oil that is truly world class.

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