Truffle Salt - 3.3 oz Jar

Delicate flakes of pure sea salt and real truffles are the perfect topping when sprinkled over French Fries, popcorn, scrambled eggs, or roasted meats and vegetables.



    • Flavor Highlight: Earthy, Delicate


  • Recommended Pairings: French Fries, Popcorn, Eggs, Roasted Meat and Vegetables
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Our most popular salt blend adds a deep meaty aroma and delicious earthiness to a variety of dishes. This finely ground and sustainably-gathered sea salt is combined with flakes of real, dried truffles.

Use our Truffle Sea Salt as a finishing salt, on French Fries or popcorn, and use it to elevate the natural flavors in both roast meat and grilled vegetables. It also is an ideal addition to scrambled eggs. For a simple, but scrumptious snack, drizzle our peppery California Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil over slices of crunchy, rustic bread, and sprinkle with our Truffle Salt.

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