Tuscan Sun Baked Cured Olives

The Tuscan Sun Baked Olives are Beldi Olives dry cured in olive oil and sea salt. This curing method lends to a chewy olive with a dense, salty flavor. Rich in history dating back to Roman Times, these dried cured olives are an Italian delicacy.
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Tuscan Sun Baked Olives are a wonderful addition to grain salads, like the Harvest Quinoa Salad or homemade bread. The almost bitter flavor is also a great pair with citrus flavors, so add them to a salad with Pasolivo Citrus Olive Oil and sliced oranges or tangerines. Ounce Capacity: 5 ounces Flavor Highlight: Salty and Rich Recommended Pairings: Homemade Bread, Grain Salads, Citrus
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