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Sauvignon Blanc Vinegar

Product Description

Our all time best selling vinegar in the tasting room. This luscious vinegar is the perfect pairing for our Lemon, Lime or Tangerine Olive Oils. Whip up a gorgeous pear, gorgonzola and walnut salad; or use this to marinate or finish duck or pork.

Product Reviews

Magic! - For an amazing salad dressing, mix the vinegar with the Tangerine Olive Oil and you have the best salad dressing. I cut up tomatoes from my garden, pour the dressing over it and finish it off with some feta cheese. Simple, but amazing. Posted by Annie

The best vinegar! - I bought a bottle each of the Savignon Blanc Vinegar and the Zinfandel Vinegar -- I wish I had bought more. Both vinegars are very smooth with outstanding flavor. These are the vinegars I reached for anymore -- no more 'red wine vinegar' for me. Posted by Dolores

Sauvignon Blanc Vinegar - 375 ml

Price: $15.00
Press Club Price: $12.75