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Hand Lotion - Pasolivo Extra Virgin 17.5 oz

Pasolivo Olive oil

Price: $18.00
Press Club Price: $15.30

Product Description

With sublime scents of lavender and geranium, our extra virgin olive oil hand and body lotion reminds us of a spring day at the ranch. Natural ingredients, including Pasolivo Extra Virgin Olive Oil, vitamin E and vitamin A. Rich and nourishing, creamy without being greasy.

Product Reviews

Deep moisture, fab fragrance! - I picked up some of this lotion at the Pasolivo tasting room, and wow - such a nice lavender fragrance, and the formula is so rich! The moisturizing effect is long-lasting. I've washed my hands a few times since applying it this morning, and my hands are still moisturized, and slightly perfumed with beautiful lavender! Great product. Posted by Ruth Novak