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Body Butter - Pasolivo Extra Virgin 10 oz

Pasolivo Olive oil

Price: $28.00
Press Club Price: $23.80

Product Description

With the sublime scents of lavender and geranium, our extra virgin olive oil body butter reminds us of a spring day at the ranch. Natural ingredients, including Pasolivo Extra Virgin Olive Oil, shea butter, vitamin E and vitamin A. Sumptuous and deeply moisturizing.

Product Reviews

Amazing results! - I had really dry elbows that felt like sandpaper even though I put lotion on them every morning. Nothing worked to smooth them until I tried Pasolivo's Body Butter! An added plus is the amazingly soft lavender scent. Posted by Susan

Very healing! - I just loved this body butter. My dry skin felt like new again. Definitely got me through the winter! I love this stuff! Posted by Unknown

Love this stuff - I love this lotion, it is the best lotion I have ever used. It is also great to control static and frizz on your hair. I rub a little on my hands then run it over my hair after I blow dry. Posted by Jenifer

Wonderful - I was having a terrible problem with an allergic reaction to the city water here at the house, so I went to the doctor and everything he gave me seemed to make it worst!!! Well, when my grandmother was visiting a vineyard she came across the EVOO Body Butter and the salesperson told her to have me try this. I am so in love with this stuff! It has healed my skin and whenever I see a problem arising I use it right away and puff it's gone! Posted by Unknown