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375 ml Lemon Olive Oil - 12/11

Pasolivo Olive oil

Price: $25.00
Press Club Price: $21.25

Product Description

Our most popular flavored oil. You only have to toss this with fresh steamed broccoli or pour it over grilled salmon to know why. Made with our EVOO and then blended with oil distilled from lemon peels. This olive oil makes a winning salad (pair it with our Sauvignon Blanc vinegar) or just pour it over edamame beans with sea salt.

Product Reviews

Past awards include: Gold medals, Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition

More for me - I wish I could tell everyone to avoid this oil because it's so horrible, but I'd be lying! But! There would be more for me! I've been telling a few select friends about this particular oil because it's so incredibly delicious. Perfect on salad with just a pinch of finishing salt, it's absolutely heavenly. There's a reason that Pasolivo has a tasting room and you're missing out if you don't go and enjoy this (and their other) great oil. Posted by Irene King

Kiss of this, kiss of that - Of course you can drizzle this on grilled fish -- but my best use so far has been adding a kiss of lemon oil, a kiss of sesame oil and toasted black sesame seeds to blanched green beans or regular greens like chard. Add Lemon zest if you want to be even jazzier. Beautiful. Posted by Lelando

East Coast favorite - I carry this oil in my store and it blows off the shelf. We used the lemon oil in a lemon pound cake and it was fantastic! It is a house favorite. Posted by Kathleen, owner of Culina (www.culinainc.com)