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375 ml Lime Olive Oil - 12/11

Pasolivo Olive oil

Price: $25.00
Press Club Price: $21.25

Product Description

Intense and flavorful, it's hard to think of anything this oil wouldn't taste great with. Drizzled on tortilla soup? In ceviche? Watermelon and feta salad? Mango salsa, fish tacos.... the list goes on and on, and seems to lean heavily toward Mexican and Spanish foods. Made with our signature Pasolivo olive oil.

Product Reviews

Past awards include: Gold Medals, Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition

Fish marinade - I use this to pour on fresh fish before grilling. I let the flavors marinate for 15 minutes before cooking it. Leaves a wonderful flavor. A little goes a long way. I also add some of the dried seasonings to the fish that are sold at Pasolivo. Wonderful!!! Posted by Unknown

Lime Olive Oil: Sublime - I received a bottle of Pasolivo Lime Olive Oil as a gift and neglected it for a month, thinking it would taste pretty much like other oils I had on the shelf. What a pleasant shock. It tasted like the essence of pure lime but smooth, melty, and without the tartness. I'm addicted and will order more. Sublime. Posted by Dianne Skafte

Delicious, sparkling, and fruity! - I used this Lime Oil in several recipes last night, and I am totally impressed with its delicate and nuanced flavor. I am hooked. Posted by Ruth Novak