Spicy Italian - 2.3 oz Bag

The Spicy Italian Blend is created by a local artisan who grows organic herbs and produces this blend as a complimentary product to our award-winning olive oils. These beautiful herbs can be used in recipes or as a finishing touch on your dishes. This blend pairs perfectly with our Basil Olive Oil and Rosemary Olive Oil.

An aromatic and savory blend of basil, parsley, hot and spicy oregano, thyme, sage, onion, garlic, and chili peppers, this seasoning will give your food a nice amount of heat and wonderful depth of flavor. Sprinkle it on pizza, steamed vegetables, salads, and garlic bread or use it in traditional pasta sauces where it marries beautifully with both meat and tomatoes. You can also serve this blend alongside a dipping bowl of our Basil Olive Oil and rustic bread for a delicious snack.

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The Spicy Italian Blend merges the perfect amount of spice with organic herbs to help enhance your dish. Sprinkle this blend on pizza or use on vegetables or salads. You can also cut a piece of bread and dip in our Basil Olive Oil followed by the Spicy Italian Blend.

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