8oz Tuscan Balsamic

Gourmet balsamic vinegar made from fresh oregano and blackberries farm grown in California. Combine with a Pasolivo Olive Oil to make an exquisite salad dressing, or create a savory sweet reduction for your favorite meats.
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Made with fresh and locally grown oregano and blackberries, this gourmet artisanal Balsamic vinegar evokes beautiful Tuscan feasts waiting to be savored. Pair it with our incredible oils for an instant salad dressing, equal parts oil and vinegar for a perfect dressing or marinade. Pairs well with sweet and savory preparations alike. This gourmet Balsamic vinegar will enhance any dish. Use it with beef, chicken, pork and turkey. Enjoy it on all vegetables, salads and soups. At the Pasolivo Ranch, we know how fortunate we are to be shepherds of the beautiful Paso Robles wine region, and we strive to care for our land and share the best of this magical place with you. From our organically and sustainably farmed orchards, to the seasonal products we purchase from our neighboring wineries and well-respected artisans, our products reflect our commitment to giving you the freshest, tastiest, and healthiest experience possible..
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