California Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500 mL

Pasolivo California Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of our top-selling EVOO blends with a green and grassy taste. It’s perfect for everyday use and shines in delicate dishes like gazpacho and grilled fish. Pairing: everyday kitchen use, fish, chicken, vegetables, delicate flavor profiles

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Pasolivo California Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a consistent winner at international olive oil competitions in Los Angeles and New York City. It's also the greenest, grassiest flavor profile in our EVOO collection. 

The best part about buying a California Extra Virgin Olive Oil? You know you are getting what you paid for and not risking damage from heat, contaminants, fillers, or age when oil is shipped overseas. You are buying your olive oil fresh from the grower. A quality Extra virgin olive oil (evoo) is always date-coded and should be used within approximately two years. Although, some oils can last longer. 

 By definition, a California extra virgin olive oil is an extra virgin olive oil that is produced in California and made with California grown olives. A true California Extra Virgin Olive Oil should also be certified as such. All Pasolivo extra virgin olive oils (Classic, Cucina, Tuscan, and California) are certified California extra virgin olive oils. Other producers buy oil from other countries and combine it with their California olive oil. That practice isn’t necessarily wrong, it just means it is not a true California olive oil and is considered to be a lower quality oil. 

At Pasolivo, we have over 7,000 olive trees that we hand-pick from each harvest. Our olives are then pressed onsite within hours of picking to ensure maximum flavor and health benefits. Pasolivo California Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ranked high in heart health polyphenols. On a scale from 100 mg/kg to 700 mg/km, our California oil contains 522 mg/kg. We welcome you to visit our ranch situated on 140 acres of rolling hills off the Central Coast of California. 

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